New Client Acquisition

Source: IBM CMO C-Level Study

1. Data management

Know your target group and find the right way to approach them

The secret to success for profitable acquisition is having access to sufficient potential in terms of addresses and being able to intelligently select them, based on a set of characteristics.

Professional address management
Global Group offers you B2B and B2C addresses for all your acquistion objectives, such as direct mailing, e-mailing, telemarketing or cross-media. Moreover, we support you in generating, cleaning and managing your own leads. We analyze and segment your existing data according to relevant characteristics and create your customer profile. Using this profile, we define your acquistion potential. For this, we have access to over 200 socio-demographic criteria for private persons as well as a wide variety of business criteria. 

Data protection – we are fully compliant
No acquisition success without legally compliant data. With our more than 20 years of data protection experience, we have in-depth knowledge of the complete legal framework and offer you only privacy compliant contact data. This guarantees you highest acceptance for your direct communication. We also take care of handling the complaint and information management for you.

Source: Own quote from Global Group analysis

2. Customer insight analysis

Identify profitable new customers through analytics

We are sure that you want to use your budget in the most efficient and effective way! We will find you those new potentials that have real value.


Finding your target group


The more you know about your target groups, the better you can align your market activities accordingly. Global Group will help you to refine your knowledge of profitable new customer potential via profile analyses. To enable this, we compile all statistically relevant characteristics of your target group, such as age, consumer behavior, lifestyle, leasure, education, purchasing power etc. and filter out the most promising address data with the highest response probability, using statistical methods and score models. In this way you will learn about your target group in detail, can compare segments amongst each other, and be able to implement all marketing activities more efficiently.


Classification according to customer value
Sustainable growth is based on many customers with different value contribution to your company. With the help of our scoring methodology, we identify for you not only those customers who will respond best, but also those who will bring you the highest customer and life-time value.

Source: Case Study Lead Management, Saupe Telemarketing

3. Program management

Approach new customers systematically

Long-term success should be planned systematically. Our marketing experts will work hand in hand with you to develop appropriate campaign strategies.


Everything according to plan
Short-term, ad hoc actions do not ensure any long-term acquisition success. Only via systematically managed action plans, you will be able to achieve valuable leads and higher sustainable growth. The most important condition: a strategy that determines when, who, why, how and via which channels customers are to be approached. Our communication experts will find the right answers for all relevant questions and will work with you to developed a detailed campaign plan.

Optimized campaigns
In order to evaluate the best possible acquisition investments, we test each campaign for its profitability, optimize it where appropriate while it is running and integrate these results to influence further communication strategies.


Full service or connected to your existing processes.
A solid basis for systematic new customer acquisition are well optimised processes to deliver data, to match prospect data with client data, to manage channels and to personalise your message, as well as response tracking and campaign optimization. Global Group has access to market-specific knowledge and the technical components to support you with all your prospect and/or customer management challenges;  full service or in additional to what you already have in-house.

Source: IBM CMO C-Level Study

4. Campaign implementation

Manage, measure and optimised personalisation

Next to analysis and strategy, target group selection, structure and response measurement define the success of a campaign. We will manage this for you.


Targeted and multi-channel approach
Contacting several target groups via different channels can today be targeted, integrated and optimized. However, managing the campaign and optimizing it is a huge challenge and requires the support of a data specialist. We have a long history and expertise in campaign management and are happy to carry out the work for you;  from target group selection, matching with your existing customers and even cross-channel management.


Creative design
At request, we can also develop a customized creative idea for your campaign objectives and implement it for all online and offline marketing actions. The results will of course be fully in line with your corporate design and are distinguished by quality of design and optimal marketing effect.


Management according to ROI

Bearing in ROI in mind, it is important to know how good a new customer action is running and which areas must be optimized. At Global Group, clear reporting is therefore a logical part of every campaign. In that way, you get exactly those results which are relevant for you, we will together determine upfront which key figures need to be measured, to which level of detail and with which implications.

Source: Outsourcing success model - trend study, Steria Mummert Consulting

5. Systems and processes

Use intelligent solutions efficiently

A systematic way of acquiring new customers needs automated processes. You can count on us to fully advice you on how to develop, integrate and operate suitable solutions.


Professional process management
We will accompany you in setting up all necessary process steps, advise you on selecting the necessary IT components, and will also be happy to manage it for you, if needed. This will bring you optimal results in a very short time, e.g. in case of winning new clients. Here, we create the Online Lead generating process and integrate this directly into your existing CRM system. The data collected for a lead is then automatically transferred to your system.


Everything under control with the right IT
Experience has shown that standard software is rarely a match for the time-consuming processes of a modern company. In these cases, we will develop for you tailor-made IT applications, such as a lead database and offer you alongside design services, services for setting up and implementing the lead program management system

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