Lead qualification and conversion

The quality of your contacts has great impact on the success of your acquisitions. If the prospect is open towards your message, the easier it is to turn these into customers. Global Group will help you with high-quality, qualified data sets for more efficiency and success in acquiring new customers.


Qualified leads to grow your customer base
The most important task in the process of client acquisition is collecting a sufficient amount of promising contacts and convert them. Many companies trust Global Group for this. We know the various sources for generating data and will systematically find for you suitable data sets of prospects of the highest quality and scope. Would you like to continuously boost your acquisition process with new leads? If so, then it’s worth building up a database of prospects  that is directly matched and deduplicated with your existing customer system.

Source: Own quote from Global Group analysis

The right prospects at your fingertips
Not every suspect is a suitable prospect for your company. Therefore, we evaluate leads according to selected target group criteria and remove those unsuitable for you in the early stages. In this way, you get only high-quality contact data that is aimed at your needs and can be used specifically for your online and offline actions. This minimizes unnecessary waste and makes your marketing particularly effective.

Win-win situation through legally compliant opt-in
When approaching new customers, the legal provisions of Germany must be taken into account. This means the potential customers must explicitly give their consent to their data being used and to being targeted with marketing material. At Global Group, all our systems are desinged to meet every requirement in this matter, at every stage of the process. This avoids not only complaints and expensive legal costs, but also ensures openess and optimal acceptance within the target group.

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