ROI-oriented customer acquisition

The success of a campaign depends significantly on the planning and implementation of the overall process. Only if all elements are efficiently integrated with each other, you will achieve the best possible results. Reach your target groups with marketing communication which uses your budget in the most optimal way. Global Group will support you from analyzing target groups, to designing campaigns and optimizing results. With our expertise and capabilities as well as high-performance analysis tools and management systems, we offer you the ideal framework conditions for an optimal return on investment.


Focus on the best

Many marketing activities fail to achieve their maximum potential because they do not take sufficiently into consideration the needs of their target groups or possible new customers. This can be efficiently identified using detailed target group analysis. In fact, hiding in your existing customer database is valuable information which allows you to draw conclusions for future prospects. Reviewing the characteristics of your most valuable customers is particularly profitable: correctly analyzed, they will show you the way towards the most profitable new customers.


Source: own quote from Global Group analysis

Invest your money on profitable prospects

Using the characteristics of your best customers, we draw the profile for the ideal prospects. This allows us to identify profitable target groups for your offers from our large pool of addresses.


Selected according to geographic, socio-demographic and behavior criteria, such as consumer behavior or product affinity, we have access to high-quality address databases from which you can select at any time. The result: better market reach, more relevance and reduced waste.

Create winning campaigns
When approaching new customers it also worth remembering: the more targeted the communication, the higher your return on investment. Therefore, we allocate new customer potentials to customer segments specifically relevant for your offers and co-ordinate the approach, messages, media and channels exactly that perfectly fit with each other. Finally, we test this approach in planned campaign sequences and continuously optimize their success based on the acquired knowledge.


Always focused on ROI

Assigning future budgets depends largely on the success of your investments. In order to find out to what extend your new customer activities have been successful, all steps have to be looked at in the context of overall marketing communication. This means that emails or newsletters, for example, also influence other channels and trigger effects at other points of contact. Our analysts possess the knowledge and corresponding evaluation methods for integrating the individual success factors together in such a way as to achieve the highest possible ROI for you.

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