Intelligent Acquisition

Having success in client acquisition is not a question of coincidence. With a systematic approach, you can create a solid basis for more turnover. Learn how set-up the optimal process and use our strategic know-how. Global Group will advise and guide you through all process phases – from determining the goals, to market potential analyses, strategy and campaign planning, and even implementing these in concrete marketing actions.


Spotting opportunities

Efficiently acquiring new customers begins with observing the as-is situation. A market potential analysis provides you this insight and tells you in which specific areas your offer, such as market, target groups, intensity of competition, or geographical opportunities, are screened. Our analysts possess solid methodological knowledge on generating and analyzing relevant data, and interpreting their correlations accurately.



Source: own quote from Global Group analysis

Target new customer potential
Not all new customers are equally profitable. Therefore, we identify potentials according to pre-defined criteria, such as expected customer value or acquisition probability. Thanks to this classification, data can be targeted and accessed, and marketing measures coordinated exactly to fit the needs of the target group. In order to avoid approaching the same customers twice, we compare the information obtained with your database of existing customers, whilst also identifying possible cross-selling potentials.

Desinged for success
If the target groups are sub-divided, it makes sense to approach the individual segments with the appropriate information via the preferred channels. A channel analysis will show you which channels are most promising and where there are still gaps in the marketing mix. On the basis of this knowledge, we will work with you to develop a cross-media campaign concept that defines the approach methodology, the messages, the format and the media distribution.


Optimize campaigns systematically
Acting based on figures will ensure you success. This applies to everything from the analyses of potential, to campaign management. Our aim is to achieve the best result for you in every phase and work out the best winning formula. We therefore test a campaign in a variety of options, further pursue the success of the most promising approach, improve it – and test and optimize it once again. Always with the aim of systematically increasing the efficiency of your investments.

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