Full-Service Marketing Service Provider for multi-channel communication

Leaders in Germany

Bisnode Marketing GmbH is one of the leading full-service marketing providers for multi-channel communication in the German-speaking world and beyond. At our headquarters in Darmstadt (Hessen, Germany) more than 50 employees ensure innovative customer and prospect management. The focus lies on the cross-media and result-oriented management of customer and prospect data in order to maximize the clients market potential (B2B/B2C) across different industries, e.g.  finance & insurance, publishing, energy, media, trade, and FMCG.


A range of solutions for customer acquisition, customer retention, customer mamagement & CRM as well as for e-commerce.

Our solutions and services range from acquisition (via target group analysis, target lists and ROI reporting etc.), to customer management/CRM (data management, address validation, processing, campaign management and monitoring etc.) and even e-commerce solutions (online marketing, shop platforms, logistics, demand management etc.).


Complete full-service offer

Compared to our competitors, Bisnode Marketing GmbH has a unique full-service offering that is perfectly in line with the needs of a state of art data management solution across channels. For this, Bisnode Marketing GmbH manages five core competences which are required for setting up and operating all data-driven marketing processes:

  1. 1. Data management,
  2. 2. Customer insights,
  3. 3. Contact strategy,
  4. 4. Campaign management across channels,
  5. 5. Operating software and systems.

To carry out the complex tasks in the area of data management, Bisnode Marketing GmbH operates its own security-certified server and data center. Furthermore, further partner services are integrated into our own portfolio to ensure a full-service offer.


International Solutions: Database Network Associates (DNA)

A unique Pan-European Network of Database and Direct Marketing Experts. DNA is the European network for ‘Data Driven Consumer Solutions’ and the answer to the increasing demand from clients in their search for successful combinations of local expertise and global experience. The network offers the most efficient way to be in touch with 420 Consumers in Europe. DNA is represented in each country by a local expert. The partners that are member of the Database Network Associates are independent companies that have been experts on the respective local markets for many years. DNA currently has 12 local experts that joined together to bundle their synergies and client knowledge to maximize client satisfaction and roll out successful cross-border projects.


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