digital reach CRM marketing service

The digital reach CRM marketing service unlocks completely new possibilities in digital marketing by linking online and offline data intelligently.

The Bisnode service portfolio encompasses the following:

  • Profiling of previously anonymous website visitors using meaningful micro-demographic and sociodemographic features (profiling)

  • Targeted identification of and appeal to existing customers (first-party data) through display campaigns in real time (CRM targeting)

  • Individual targeting of customized advertising messages via display to previously profiled, high-affinity potential new customers (third-party data) (targeting)

  • Targeted exclusion of existing customers as part of new customer acquisition campaigns

  • A CRM customer journey tracking feature that logs identified customers and potential customers via a wide range of different contact points, which it uses to supply detailed insights to manage activities

The centerpiece of the digital reach CRM marketing service is a data management platform (DMP) that collects cookie IDs generated via various sources and supplements them with the meaningful variables from the GLOBAL_Data data system. This upgraded cookie database is available via all relevant demand side platforms (DSPs) for purposes of real-time profiling and display targeting through real-time bidding.


  • Identify existing customers on your own website and external websites as a basis for individualized online ad targeting

  • Meaningful target group modeling of previously anonymous website visitors

  • Significant efficiency gains in booking display campaigns through profiling and targeting based on individuals

  • Implementation of specific, individual multi-channel campaigns (display, mail, e-mail)

  • Hosting of first-party and third-party data at the high-security Bisnode data center according to ISO 27001 standards

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