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5 core competences for optimized customer interaction

Acquiring new customers, maximizing the potential of your customer base or increasing the effectiveness of your e-commerce; today, efficient and effective marketing communication requires in depth management of five critical competences: Data Management, Analysis, Program Management, Campaign Implementation and Systems & Processes.

Global Group is your experienced partner in all of these areas. Benefit from our know-how and rely on us for one of these services, either in combination or as a comprehensive total solution.

1. Data management

Whatever challenge you are facing,  new customer acquisition, management of existing customers or e-commerce: we offer you up-to-date, legally compliant data and define the most profitable potentials for you, based on target group-specific variables.

  • Approx. 21 million buildings

  • Over 40 million private households (approx. 97% of all households in Germany)

  • Approx. 34 million addressable B2C addresses (approx. 70% of all reachable households)
  • Legally compliant email addresses that may be contacted
  • Variable catalog with over 200 micro-geographical features at building level

  • List broking database with over 2,600 attractive address and flyer lists for any target group

  • Exclusive address lists

  • Over 4 million B2B addresses with contact persons

  • BDSG-conform (BDSG = German Federal Data Protection Act) lead generation for contact via mail, email or phone

  • Coordinates and geo data

  • Internal software for enriching features and geo coordinates


  • Data audit
  • Qualification, cleansing and updating of customer data
  • Postal corrections
  • Audits on your client data regarding movers, deceased, Robinson, credit rating
  • Address enrichment
  • Branch offices referencing
  • Data entry


  • Set-up of customer centric databases
  • Initial cleansing and loading
  • Consultation

  • Opt-in management

  • Complaint management


2. Analysis

Build your customer relationships on solid ground. With our in-depth analysis, we provide you with valuable information and action recommendations for a successful dialogue with clients and prospects, in a variety of industries.

  • Segmentation (strategic, demand-oriented, tactical)

  • Customer profiling

  • Scoring

  • Analysis of potentials


  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

  • Cross-selling / Up-selling

  • Churn prevention/ win-back

  • Reactivation analysis

  • Customer churn analysis


  • Campaign reporting, database knowledge, management reporting

  • Standard reporting

  • Ad-hoc reporting

  • Advertising success monitoring

  • Campaign optimization


  • Location study

  • Analysis of potentials


3. Program management

We take care of everything. You define the objective and we develop an appropriate contact strategy for best target as well as how, when and via which channel you have the highest succes rate.

  • Campaing planning

  • Definition of content according to life cycle

  • Personalisation

  • Define optimal channel mix and the correct frequency

  • Define rules against 'over-contacting'


  • Definition of efficient marketing processes

  • Partial or complete management of your marketing processes (outsourcing)


  • Optimization of individual campaigns from campaign tracking (closed loop)
  • Optimization of communication programs from response and customer data


4. Campaign implementation

Single or multiple campaigns – our specialists control and optimize your campaigns to achieve the best results, including reporting.

  • Conceptual design of campaigns offline, online and cross-media

  • Development of websites and e-shops


  • Creation of integrated communication concepts

  • Offline creation: Mailing, advertisement, poster, flyer, etc.

  • Online creation: Web-design, banner, newsletter, landing pages, etc.


  • Definition of single-level or multi-level campaigns, ad-hoc, rule or trigger-based

  • Offline management: Direct mail, door-to-door distribution (target select), etc.

  • Online management: Email, display, SEM, retargeting

  • Performance marketing


  • Campaign reporting, database knowledge, management reporting

  • Standard reporting

  • Ad-hoc reporting

  • Advertising success monitoring

  • Campaign optimization


5. Systems and processes

Technology is a key component for succes. You can count on us for advise on systems, automation tools and connection capabilities that best fit your needs.

  • Marketing databases / data warehouse

  • Interfaces

  • E-commerce solutions

  • Database and software applications


  • CRM systems

  • ETL processes


  • Managed application (CRM/ data warehouse)

  • Managed SaaS

  • Managed hosted e-commerce

  • Certified high-security data center in accordance with ISO 27001

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