SmartAnalytics offers marketing decision makers a way to discover their customer data and analyze them independently, thereby making solid decisions based on data. There are also dashboards individualized for specific customers that visualize all of the main key performance indicators (KPIs) for marketing purposes.

Services include setting up the analysis solution and technical operation thereof in a manner that is compliant with data protection and privacy rules and regulations at the company’s own high-security data center. As an additional service package, the Global Group can also supplement customer data with the more than 100 variables from the GLOBAL_Data data system and, based on this additional information, provide companies with opportunities to significantly increase the depth of analysis even more.

Additional integration of comprehensive household data from the Global Group Consumer Marketing Database into the analytical solution also makes it possible to determine customer density and potential for any target group desired, anywhere in Germany, select available potential on a targeted basis and address it optionally.


  • Gain valuable customer insights by using an intuitive (drag & drop), user-friendly analysis solution

  • Immediate access to preconfigured basis dashboards and maps


  • Secure publication & distribution of interactive dashboards to defined groups of recipients

  • Add new analysis options by supplementing internal company features in a useful way with additional external data (GLOBAL_Data)

  • Hosting of customer data and analysis solution at the high-security Global Group data center according to ISO 27001 standards

  • Get started fast and with low costs based on various factors, including integration of the Tableau BI tool


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