Source: "Big Data 2012 - 2015" Experton Group

1. Data management

Collect, manage and use client and transactional data

A central, cleaned, well maintained and enhanced data warehouse provides your online shop with important added value and is the basis for successful multi-channel campaigns.


As a specialist of customer and prospect management, we support you in the systematic collection and maintenance of your customer and address data. We match the data with up-to-date reference data, deduplicate redundant information with existing accounts and compile transaction data from anonymous buyers to one order profile. Upon request, we enrich your data with different pieces of information from our consumer marketing database, which combines over 200 sociodemographic target group characteristics for private individuals and numerous relevant criteria for companies.


To enable you to use your data efficiently, we connect your CRM directly to a central marketing database. In this way, you can classify customers and prospects, and then select them according at the right moment with the relevant message. In addition, we generate opt-ins and thus increase your reach. Our integrated tracking solutions also allows to collect data of customer interactions and surfing behaviour, in compliance with data privacy protection.

Source: Adobe Digital Index Report

2. Customer insight analysis

Consistent, tailored and real time analysis of data

With detailed customer knowledge you increase your online sales and lower your marketing costs. We provide you with all relevant real-time information, identify target groups for you and define an optimized customer value segmentation to perfectly balance your marketing mix.


A genuine and efficient sales approach requires that you always know exactly who you are talking to. Based on this customer knowledge you can adapt your communication to your target group. Therefore we analyze your customer, visitor and advertising data -  in real time of course. We identify relevant target groups from your customer base, but also from the anonymous visitors of your website for you based on the master data and transaction data. Enriched by the customer value as an additional segmentation level, this results in significant key performance indicators that enable allow for value-based customer targeting of campaigns (e.g. adjustment of discounts based on the customer value).


In our detailed and consolidated reporting we inform you about customer and visitor values from your website for example and analyze articles of products range. Based on the analysis of your campaigns, we additionally provide you with proposed actions in terms of campaigns, sales measures and assortment planning.

Source Adobe Digital Index Report

3. Program management

Individual sales approach

More customer focused, increased campaign response, higher cost efficiency  –
successful customer retention is based on an intelligent program.

Contact every user in the way they want. To help your succeed with this challenge, our marketing specialists develop a campaign plan and contact strategy for you,  based on your analysis results and taking into account all relevant elements. This way, every user receives exactly the information that he or she is most interested in, at the right time and via the most suitable channel.


Marketing processes

Shop management as an integrated service: combining online-shop contents
(place holders, sliders, category and eye-catching graphics) with online-shop measures (bestsellers, discount campaigns, etc.), the assortment planning and marketing measures (email newsletter, display, social and search marketing).


Campaign optimization
Measuring and optimization of channel efficiency of CPO, sales through rate, CPC and CPL factors (not in an one-dimensional view, but by including all information in weighted form). Regular test campaigns serve to evaluate new approaches.


Source: Adobe Digital Index Report

4. Campaign execution

Conceptual design, creation, multi-channel control and measurement, all in one place

Global Group takes care off all the necessary activities for you for executing a campaign. Perfectly tailored to your needs and goals - from an individual service to a total solution. Always perfectly matching with each other and well measured.

We know exactly which concepts work well and we have the professional expertise to think through a project from the beginning to the end. From the original idea, creative implementation and campaign execution to reviewing the results and clear reporting.

We also ensure that your products and actions are perfectly presented: from developing a creative concept and proposing drafts to implementing the concepts in all relevant channels, print, online or social media.

But of course, even the most creative campaign is useless if it does not reach its target group. We therefore also offer conceptual designs for the optimized campaign management. We support SEA, social media, display, performance networks, retargeting and many other measures. In addition, control via own or external ad servers, including own tracking technology is possible. However, at the end of each campaign there is always a review of its efficiency - our detailed and consolidated reporting offers you a precise analysis of your measures and important insights for future plans.

Source: Adobe Digital Index Report

5. Systems and processes

Shop development and data retention to maximise the potential

Well maintained databases and intelligent strategies are useless if the implementation is failing. Global Group therefore offers sustainable concepts from planning to software - integrated seamlessly from the start and perfectly adjusted to each other.Our aim is to help you reaching your goals.



It is all about the implementation
For the implementation of your online shop, we do not only support you with significant data and valuable insights, but also very specifically in the practical implementation: from the planning and conceptual design to the creative implementation. For example with the professional presentation of your products. Whether it be 360° view, 3D-viewer, video integration or full-surface zoom: we will find the right solution for you.


And you can also rely on us when it comes to operating your shop: E.g. connecting to ERP systems, mail order business solutions, e-commerce platforms or SEO-optimized product navigation. We always keep your sales figures in mind and integrate intelligent mechanisms for cross-selling and up-selling into your shop environment.


Integration into marketplaces
You also want to generate revenue beyond your own shop? No problem: on request we also undertake the integration of the shop solution in popular online marketplaces, such as Amazon, Zalando, eBay, etc.

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