Setting up your ideal e-shop

A good e-commerce platform is the core foundation of every online shop. Without a flexible solution that can maintain high performance even during peak traffic, you will quickly lose your loyal customer base. E-commerce does not end with configuring technical functions, however. Global Group will help you using structured and systematic data and customer management, to efficiently unlock cross and up-selling potential from your existing customers. This is really important, since with the right strategy, you can increase the average shopping basket by up to 70%.


Ready for peak traffic
One of the most important technical characteristics of a good e-commerce platform is that its architecture is set up from the beginning such that it can maintain high-performance output for user requests even during peak times. This is because, slow page loading times quickly lead to frustrated users. Moreover, your e-commerce solution should possess good scaling properties and be able to adjust to increasing visitor and purchase figures from the start.


Better service through better knowledge
Technical functionality and consistent performance are not the only success factors for e-commerce. For technology that is fit to these requirements, you also need accurate data on site usage and carry out regular updates. We ensure that all user interactions are registered and made available for analysis with regards to sources and campaigns. A particular challenge here is integrating the tracking solution so it complies with data protection – with our years of experience, we will support you efficiently and sustainably in selecting, integrating and using corresponding concepts.

Source: Adobe Digital Marketing Optimization Study

Information with added value

We use tracking solutions which can screen the customer journey of a visitor, combine behavior and transaction data and evaluate the results in a rule-based process at customer level. We can use this data in the framework of an efficient, holistic sales promotion to compile individual suggested offers on the basis of goods relationships and purchase behavior and effectively connect these to your sales targets.

Unlock potential
We will help you develop e-commerce solutions, analysis techniques, and tracking and segmenting processes. This is because with individualized up and cross-selling offers, we create opportunities for turnover that can easily be used by many users. The generated data will be continuously analysed to optimise the e-shop. 

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