E commerce solutions in multi-channel management

For many companies, operating more than a single marketing or communication channel goes without saying. However, there is often a lack of a cross-channel strategy, due to a lack of adequate infrastructure. This is crucial, however. This is because providers who know exactly which channels their customers prefer give themselves clear marketing advantages. A requirement for this knowledge is a structured, cross-channel data base. Global Group will help you to systematically evaluate this data and optimize your advertising activities – no matter which channel your customers are currently circulating in.


Knowing what your customer wants
Today, customers cannot be fixed to one specific communication or marketing channel, but use the channel that seems most advantageous to them at a certain point. Therefore, central data management which incorporates all data-gathering channels is of significant importance for every company. This is because a cross-channel contact strategy that, for example, takes into account the various contact preferences and sales channels, is only efficient when you have this data available.


The database is key
A requirement for a promising, cross-channel contact strategy is a broad basis of valid response and master data from all sales channels. With a view to evaluated and further use, we will combine the various sources and channels of data for you, normalize the collected data, and make this available at a central location. And, of course, we will also support you in choosing and implementing an e-commerce solution which supports multi-channel processes in a technical and procedural manner.

Source: Ebay study "The omnichannel chance"

Concepts with structure for all channels

Using the collected data, we will carry out a cross-channel analysis and split your existing customers into segments. This results in a richer database from which we can define more precise and better product and offer suggestions and strategically implement these according to the purchasing and contact channel preferences of your customers. This makes regional added value usable, for example.

Better service through multi-channel
Thanks to the acquired knowledge via analyses and segmentation, we can, for example, direct online shoppers to the most regionally relevant places, or set up a cross-channel contact strategy with individual offers. And this is crucial: because multi-channel functions, such as reserving goods online that can be picked up in store, or returning items purchased online at a local store, are seen by many customers as a positive service which can ensure you a decisive marketing advantage – today and in the future.

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