Customer management in the online shop

A long-term, loyal customer base is a valuable asset for any company. It is therefore particularly important to approach these customers specifically and individually since with the right strategy you can systematically increase the repurchase frequency and customer value of this group. It is highly valuable if your data sets also includes additional criteria, next to the transaction data. Global Group will support you in systematically and efficiently managing campaigns, and in measuring and sustainably optimizing these.


Higher repurchase frequency through targeted approach

Transaction data alone is not enough. A requirement for this is a broad data set which allows you to make valid statements on the purchasing behavior of the customers. Selecting and segmenting is successful when you specifically combine transaction data with additional characteristics. Therefore, you should manage and treat the evolution in your customer data as professionally  as you do for acquiring new customers. So that you know exactly who you are communicating with, we evaluate your transaction data and can combine this with micro-geographic characteristics such as purchasing power, household status or hobbies. This produces knowledge not only on the type but also the frequency of an optimized approach for contacting existing customers.

Source: Adobe Digital Index Bericht

Communicat properly: the “how” is crucial

We use automated systems and optimize your active, regular communication and your measures for client retention. In this way, existing customers can be contacted personally and with individual offers at precisely the right time. But it’s not just the “when” and the “what” in customer communication that represent important factors for holistic and successful existing customer management, but also the “how”. As well as established channels like e-mail, modern retargeting technologies open up new possibilities for subsequent and efficient communication. Global Group offers a range of intelligent and sustainable solution designs for this.

Closed-Loop Marketing
Evaluate, optimize, evaluate: with the tailor-made concepts from Global Group, you can optimize your existing customer communication for the long term and – depending on product range – multiply repurchase frequency.

We will help you here using a sustainable and structure process, amongst others, with precise target group analyses, selective segmentation and intelligent campaign management. From the beginning, we integrate all existing sales channels into the process, thereby creating for you the best conditions for strategically and sustainably growing developed existing customer management.

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