Customer Relationship Management

Source: Teradata-Studie: Data-Driven Marketing Survey

1. Data management

Systematically structure and manage customer data

Efficient management and overview of existing customer relationships ensures you business success. The most important principle: a clean, structured database.


Increased data quality
Only with high-quality customer data can you carry out relevant analyses and gain valuable insight for contacting customers in a targeted manner. This requires a continuous data management, which is very difficult for many companies to deal with from an organizational and technical point of view due to its complexity. With our existing customer management services, we will reduce expenditure in your company and ensure increased data quality.

Efficiency through automated data management

We have automated processes and systems for a variety of data processing purposes such as cleaning up and even enriching your data with additional information (consumer and risk characteristics for private individuals as well as relevant company characteristics), guaranteeing you the highest level of quality and efficiency.


Central marketing database
Does your customer data not currently allow you any high-performance access, is it spread over various systems, or does the structure fail to meet CRM requirements? Then we will develop for you a marketing database which is specially tailored to meet your needs. This means you can efficiently use your existing customer data and target your marketing and marketing activities. As well as setting this up, we are also happy to take over the hosting and operating of the system.


Security and data protection
The customer data requires the highest care in respect to data security and protection. Not everything that you may want to to or that is technically possible is legally allowed. Benefit from our more than 20 years of experience in data protection. We know what is possible and will always find a legally compliant solution for you.

Source: Own quote from Global Group analysis

2. Customer insight analysis

Build up target and value-oriented customer segments

Generating additional turnover: professional analysis methods deliver insights into the behavior of your customers and will show you where the most promising potential lies.


Identify and retain your most valuable clients
By using the most modern data-mining tools, in combination with segmenting and scoring processes, we will identify for you various groups of individuals based on social or geo-demographic variables, propensity to buy,  risk factors or economic value, such as profitability or future potential. The results will serve as a basis for your decisions regarding targeted actions for your customer retention and the optimal use of your marketing budget.

More efficient through segmentation
It is not just customer data that can be segmented. The segments themselves can also be specifically defined, selected and combined based on your business aim or key market. Strategic segments help to reduce complexity in your business and allow you to utilize your marketing resources optimally. Value and potential-oriented segments shed light on what significance a customer (A, B, C customer) has for your company and how important it is to monitor them. Needs-based segments characterize your product offer for cross and up-selling approaches. Tactical segments highlight where individual measures (e.g. retention measures in case of churn risks) are required.

Monitoring creates transparency

Using professional reporting, we provide not only campaign results but also reveal evolution within your customer base.

Source: Deloitte study

3. Program management

Individualized customer communication via all channels

More customer focus, more campaign response, more cost efficiency – successfully retaining customers based on an intelligent programs.

Manage complexity professionally
Today, customers use many channels and expect personalised communication. For marketing communication, this means that you have to develop, manage and intelligently combine many different measures, specifically aimed at product and target group segments. Bisnode Marketing GmbH will help you with this challenge using professional program management.

A contact strategy for all communciation channels
On this basis of your marketing and communication objectives, as well as customer data and analysis results, we will develop for you a cross-channel contact strategy. This will define fits which target group, when and via which channel. Uninted double approaches, overlapping actions or irrelevant offers are avoided. With the contact strategy and efficient campaign planning, we will help you to optimally exploit and secure your existing customer potential.

Optimize campaigns for increased success quotas
Of course, we will constantly compile information on the behavior of contacted customers and use this knowledge to further shape on-going campaigns. Using the response analyses, we will also improve upstream processes such as data selection or campaign planning (closed loop).


Make marketing processes more efficient
Many traditional marketing processes do no longer match the needs of modern communication. As experts in marketing automation, we will help you make your marketing processes more efficient and also take control of complete processes when capacities become too scarce.

Source: Handelsverband Deutschland (Trade Association Germany)

4. Implementing campaigns

From idea to response analysis

Bisnode Marketing GmbH will take charge of all campaign activities. Select according to your needs. From individual services to complete solutions, everything is possible.

A full campaign in one single place
Implementing a campaign means: countless steps have to be coordinated and efficiently managed. As experts with many years of experience in dialog marketing, we really know our way around the relevant processes and also carry out large, cross-media campaigns with complex mechanisms with great success.

Conception and creation
We will select target groups and make the offers, we will also design for you mechanisms for individual online and offline campaigns with response increasing elements, will develop a campaign concept, in line with your strategy, and if needed,  will also take care of creative CD.

Effective management
In the context of managing a campaign, we will coordinate smooth production and make sure that your message is delivered in a personalised way to your target groups via mail, e-mail, call centers, display ads, or landing pages.


Optimizing and reporting
Reporting is part of the initial design and management phase. In this way, we can link relevant information on customer behavior directly to the database and use this for following campaign cycles. This means we automatically improve customer insight, deliver transparent reports and increase your campaign success with each optimization process.

Source: Global Group analysis on CRM Marketing Service

5. Systems and processes

Develop, implement and operate efficient data processes

Data flows increase while the need for data quality and process grow at the same time. Bisnode Marketing GmbHp will support you with solutions which help you to filter and optimally process relevant information.

We will structure your system
Many companies reckongize it: your database continues to grow and the risk increases for a lack of quality and structure which may jeopordize the quality and the profitability of your marketing and communication activities. The good news is: you won’t have to replace your existing CRM system any time soon, just combine it with modern solutions, such as appropriate CRM software, a marketing database or a campaign management system.


The right technology for your needs
As experts in the area of customer and prospect management, we are masters of dealing with personal data thanks to decades of experience and will advise you strategically and technically on all data processes. We will support you in selecting a system that fits your needs, integrating and optimizing the necessary ETL processes (extract, transform, load), as well as in designing and developing the data warehouse (DWH). In addition, we will, if desired, take ownership for the entire project and will happily take charge of hosting your data, and technically and expertly operating the system.


Would you like to jump onto the band wagon of online transactions or expand your existing online business?

We will help you with this. Bisnode Marketing GmbH will develop, operate and optimize your e-commerce shop, take care of the application and deliver reports. Our professionalism and experience, together with the use of all relevant customer data, ensures maximum turnover.

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