CRM without cost impact on your organisation

The requests that are placed on an efficient CRM system today are incredibly complex and multi-layered. In order to be able to efficiently run these tasks even under fluctuating workload, however, doesn’t require a whole team of competent specialists.  With the CRM Marketing Service, Global Group offers a solution approach for any demand and helps you to reduce your fixed costs.


The work load increases....

Facing all the CRM related tasks is a challenge: efficient data management, market analyses, succesfl CRM strategies and targeted campaign management are equally important as complex aspects of modern-day customer relationship management. In order to be successful in this demanding area, you need highly-specialized experts from various fields.


…while the resources are not easy to find

If you rely here on company-internal know-how and your own capacities, you will quickly find a need for profitability, since good CRM specialists are sought after and thus difficult to find on the job market. If you want that complex tasks of a modern CRM can be fulfilled even during peak periods, your own CRM department must also be flexible enough to be able to work at high capacity even under fluctuating demands.


The answer: professional campaign management at your beck and call

By outsourcing your CRM tasks, you win flexibility and minimize fixed costs in your company. Plan, carry out, analyze and optimize campaigns – we will manage this for you with our years of experience in customer and prospect management. 



Source: Global Group

CRM Marketing Service – our solution to meet your needs

From basic requirements to the highest demands for personalisation and management of your CRM setup – the CRM complete solutions from Global Group always offer you the optimal result for your company:

  • CRM on demand: quick implementation with broad basic functionality and short contract maturities – the ideal solution for many companies.
  • CRM tailored to your needs: if requested, aligned, individualized CRM service for highest demands.

Our services range from campaign management (data selection, management and response compilation) to reporting on campaigns, data and figures, and even hosting of data and the campaign management system (hardware, software, technical operations, ETL, data structure).

Our advisor will happily explain to you which solution will deliver the most value for your company.

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