Value-oriented customer development

Long-term profitable customer relationships are key for sustainable company success. Profitable customers are therefore a real treasure that should be carefully looked after and subsequently increased. But which customers from your client base are worth the most attention? How do you use your assets in a targeted manner, for the right customers? Bisnode Marketing GmbH possesses the knowledge and the methods for identifying your most valuable customers without fail, and for predicting and unlocking future chances for turnover.


Identifying valuable customers – professional analyses make the difference

The more you know about your customers, the better you can shape your relationship to them. But collecting data is not enough on its own. In order to identify profitable customer segments such as in the B2C segment, you need to take not only relevant aspects like transactions, customer behavior (e.g. complaints behavior), socio-demographic characteristics and, where appropriate, risk scoring into account in the analysis process, but also characteristics such as living situation, behavior patterns, or preferences. This is the only way to gain well-grounded knowledge and infer individual approaches to customers.

Source: Pareto Principle

Focus on profitable customer segments

Use your budget for the right customers! Here, it is worth initially defining the customer value which differs depending on branch or business model. This is a complex process in which we use various analytical instruments and processes which take the individual aspects of the customers as well as the potential for future turnover into account in the evaluation.

Solid Prediction through analysis competence
Moreover, we carry out multi-layered analyses, such as cluster and discrimination analyses, or scoring processes, to identify relevant target group segments. In this way, customers can be described on the basis of psychographic, behavior-related or demographic characteristics in their personality profiles (the conservatives, the trendsetters etc.) and can then be separated from each other according to the most varied, significant criteria. The advantage for you: you can coordinate all measures, developments and processes optimally to fit your ideal customers and target each marketing campaign to the right group.


Unlock new customer potential from existing customers

The results of the cluster analysis are twice as interesting, since they can also be used to classify profitable new customers, and to profile and quantify unused potential in your existing customer base. Using the characteristics of your most profitable existing customers, we will compile for you a list of new customers, for example, who exhibit a comparable or similar profile and therefore posses high value potential.

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